Cooktops, a stove built into a kitchen counter, is an alternative to the freestanding range. Since the cooktop is not attached to an oven, the appliance is often paired with a single or double wall oven. Since both products are built into the kitchen, the pairing provides a modern, clean look that brings more space for cooking.

Cooktops are available in gas, electric and magnetic induction models. Our gas units, along with even cooking and easily controlled results, can come as a Rangetop, which is a restaurant-style format with larger burners and built-in griddles and charbroilers.


Gas cooktops allow you to control the heat easily, with ranges of 500 to
15,000 British thermal units (BTUs). Gas heat cooks very evenly and
temperature is easily controlled for professional results.

Additionally, gas units can come in a restaurant style format (called a Rangetop) which offers the customer much larger burners and options for built-in griddles and/or charbroilers.


Electric cooktops have come a long way from the old coil burner systems.
Most units today use a burner positioned below a ceramic glass surface, which makes them much faster to heat than ever before. Most models today have variable burner sizes and configurations, allowing for greater cooking flexibility.

The downside of electric cooktops are that they respond slower to heat changes than their gas counterparts thereby giving you less control.

Magnetic Induction

Induction cooktops are an electric cooking system that offer the control of
a gas version without the need for fuel. They are still a ceramic glass surface, but utilize a magnetic system that interacts quickly and evenly with the cookware to heat the food without using a traditional burner.

The induction system is the most efficient cooking system available, but can be more expensive than gas or traditional electric.

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